Asian Games

Tissot has added one of the world’s largest sporting events to its portfolio of partnerships, becoming the Official Timekeeper of the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014.

The Asian Games first took place in 1951 and represent the oldest and most prestigious event in the calendar of the Olympic Council of Asia. Tissot will be providing precision timing for the 28 Olympic disciplines it showcases, such as athletics, football, rugby and tennis to name but a few, in addition to the 8 non-Olympic sports. These Games attract billions of television viewers and spectators from all around the world.

Already being the Official Timekeeper of four of the World Championships of the disciplines that are showcased; basketball, cycling, fencing as well as table tennis, Tissot offers full expertise. Yet, what is more exciting for Tissot is the challenges presented by the various sports that represent novelties and for which timing techniques need to be adapted. For this, innovation is required, which is one of Tissot’s great specialties. Therefore, disciplines such as the Traditional Asian sports that are represented in the Asian Games are where Tissot really distinguishes itself. It demonstrates its ability to adapt, improve and deliver in any circumstance.

These are the reasons why, already as early as 1998, Tissot was up for the challenge when it was entrusted with the task of providing instruments of extreme accuracy for every single sport of the Asian Games in Bangkok, as well as in Busan in 2002 and, most recently Doha in 2006. Following this experience, the Asian Games have no doubt that Tissot has

Games in Bangkok, as well as in Busan in 2002 and, most recently Doha in 2006. Following this experience, the Asian Games have no doubt that Tissot has what it takes to ensure the smooth running of all of the vast variety of competitions, and to ensure the highest quality timekeeping to this global event.

Like the Olympic Games, the Asian Games only takes place once every four years. Such an impressive event requires an enormous amount of organisation; therefore, those years serve as preparation. In the meantime, Tissot and the IAGOC (Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee) are going to be working hand-in-hand to make sure the 17th Asian Games Incheon in 2014 is a spectacular event to be remembered for years to come. Whether it is for the people who are part of the organisation, the athletes themselves or the billions of fans and supporters across Asia and the world, the Asian Games 2014 will be a show not to be missed.
Tissot PRC 200

Tissot PRC 200 17th Asian Games

This collection has a watch for everyone, from sporty to true classics. You are sure to find your perfect match within the Tissot PRC 200 family. After the immense success of the Tissot PRS200 sports line, Tissot decided to come up with a sports timepiece also water resistant to 20 bar ( 200 m / 660 ft) but with a more classic look and feel: the Tissot PRC200. The reduced bezel means that the dial appears very large, offering clear reading of the time. This readability is highlighted by the use of super luminova for the indices and in the tapered steel hands.