About Us

TIMELINE is one of the leading groups of retail watch stores and services in the Philippines for over 50 years.  Established in 1963, we have been in the Philippine timepiece industry for 50 years. From the first Swiss luxury timepiece Rado, our group of retail watch stores expanded to multi-Swiss-Euro brands and accessible fashion watches such as Tissot, Citizen, Tommy Hilfiger, J Springs, Mido, Frederique Constant and other well-known timepiece brands.

The TIMELINE group has 3 major watch stores nationwide – NO CURFEW, THE WATCH STORE, and TEMPUS. Each watch store is designed to cater to a specific target market to ensure that excellent and exclusive customer service is delivered.  “Service as Commodity” is the legacy handed to the second-generation of timepiece experts led by the founder’s sons Ray and Noel. This tradition of excellent customer service started by our founder enabled the company to understand and impact the dynamics of the industry.  This also demonstrated how desired customer service behaviors enable us to help and support the watch buyers. Every one of us at Timeline has been indoctrinated and trained in timepiece culture and service as soon as we are hired. It puts all newcomers through an orientation program (“traditions” ) that details the history with customer relations, how it is the backbone of our company and strengthened its presence in the country.

This principle at work has permeated into our corporate culture over the years. Today, this legacy becomes the Jacinto Principle, which the management and stakeholders exercise to serve our customers. As for the future TIMELINE watch experts, this principle will be an important element in planting the customer service culture of the company to ensure business continuity and growth