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Your watch is like any other part of your wardrobe, it needs to make sense with the rest of what you’re wearing – this has been our mantra over the years. If you’re sporting a distinctive fashion style, your watch should be consistent with that style. Or, if you’re heading to a black-tie event, leave the dual-compass waterproof rock at home and make sure you’ve got a formal-minded watch – a slim, unadorned timepiece with a black leather band – a formal watch should keep time, not flash it. A watch does not only punctuate an outfit; it also says something about who you are—or, at least, whom you aspire to be.
At TIMELINE, we truly understand the customer’s unique preferences.  Different brands have their own signature styles that represent different lifestyles and aspirations. Choosing your watch brand is about personal taste and lifestyle. Therefore, at Timeline Group, we offer an extensive range of watch brands – including many exclusive designs of men’s and ladies watches – in different store categories to suit your lifestyle.
Each retail store from TIMELINE doesn’t simply bring you the combination of the latest styles and ranges from the world’s famous watch brands. We also work closely with leading these international brand names – and their prestige watch care servicing. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive time-teller or a solid-gold investment, start off by strapping on our essential guide in choosing the right timepiece for you – this is our expertise since 1963.