Tissot LuxuryAutomatic Asian Games Limited Editions 2014

*Elegance in action

The Tissot Luxury AutomaticAsian Games Limited Editions2014exude a majestic essence. It is natural class that comes across. Pure sophistication is conveyed by meticulous design. For these limited editions, a touch of dynamism has been added to the equation. The dashes of red on the indices, second hand and minute track bring dynamism to the watch and unveil the energy of the 17thAsian Games. Although it has a purified look, the numerous small details, strengthened by playfulness between polished and satin surfaces, are what give it an undeniable richness.

*The heart of a Champion

The Tissot Luxury Automatic has thousands of facets, its exterior being merely an added touch to makingit that much moredesirable than it already is. However, it is the heart that makes it truly exceptional; it is the one of a Champion. Thanks to the art of watchmaking that Tissot has mastered down to a science, it has created a timepiece of ultimate precision with a power reserve of 80 hours. The Tissot Luxury Automatic is at the very core of what the brand stands for – luxury at an affordable price.