wize&ope was a brand created on planet Earth , in Paris , in 2008.

wize&ope is an identity, an attitude, and a way of life.

Wize comes from a far away planet. His planet is a few hundred years ahead from Earth in development. Wize had been able to catch the TV signal from our planet, and then became a fan of our culture. One day he decided to leave his planet to come and study our culture and our trends. His plan is to go back home one day with his discoveries. His planet lost all kinds of originality and everyone looks the same, dresses the same, and has the same thinkings. This is why the freshness of people on earth is a great source of inspirations for Wize plans to change his planet .

When he meets new people and new environments Wize transforms and adapts his look. He becomes «Ope». «Ope» stands for open minded.

wize&ope supports “Made on Earth” and “Open your mind” philosophies.

Lil Wayne, had been following the brand since it started and, has officially announced in October 2013 that he became the Ambassador of the brand and the major shareholder.

Lil Wayne is the mirror of the brand through its openness and style. wize&ope is Wayne’s new brand.

My personal style, as well as my everyday lifestyle, has always been about individuality and being open minded.
– Lil Wayne, October 15th 2013

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